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Our Systems

We utilise industry-leading innovative systems that enable us to provide a cost-effective and reliable service for our clients. 

Marango Freight Management 

Striving for continuous improvement for our customers, CHL use leading transport management system Marango.
The Australian designed system allows comprehensive management of logistics operations in a single system -
improving reliability and visibility. This system increases reliability and optimises order flows – resulting in excellent
results for our customers.

Teletrac Navman

The Teletrac Navman systems allow monitoring of the fleet in real time with vehicle tracking system. Between GPS
location tracking for both powered and non-powered assets, fuel usage monitoring, and maintenance record
management, you will always have the full picture of your assets. This system is used as part of CHL’s requirements
for NHVR.

CHL Logistics & Fleet Management App

When reviewing the logistics workflow, CHL identified that digitalisation could support an improvement in efficiency, reliability, and most importantly safety. We developed our own industry-leading app to manage, track and record our services. Key features of the CHL app include:

  • NHVR records and reporting

  • Driver tracking 

  • Orders tracking

  • Client portal enabling real-time order status updates

CHL App.png
Hay Truck.jpg

Our Systems


  • The CHL App

  • Marango Freight Management

  • Navaman Telematics

  • CHL Safety Management System

  • CHL Compliance Management System

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